Resilient Action Items, Resilience Roundup March 16, 2018

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The Resiliency Institute’s Resilience Roundup


Resilient Action Items
Roundup for March 13, 2018

Community resilient
business resilient
disaster resilient

Community Resilience   Resilient Action Item

Using adaptive social protection to cope with crisis and build resilience.

ReliefWeb. Crisis is becoming a new normal in the world today. Over the past 30 years, the world has lost more than 2.5 million people and almost $4 trillion to natural disasters. In 2017 alone, adverse natural events resulted in global losses of about $330 billion, making last year the costliest ever in terms of global weather-related disasters.

Business Resilience   Resilient Action Item

How 4 Companies Readied Their Infrastructure to Weather Any Storm.

BizTech Magazine. Tapestry has servers at sites across the U.S. and overseas, but its DR planning starts the same way every year: with a fresh business impact analysis, says Louis DaCosta, senior manager for business continuity and DR. His team brings together each of the business lines that represent such well-known …

Disaster Recovery Resilient Action Item

Rising Sea Levels and Sinking Ground Pose a Double Threat to the Bay Area. If you move to the San Francisco Bay Area, prepare to pay some of the most exorbitant home prices on the planet. Also, prepare for the fact that someday, your new home could be underwater- and not just financially. Sea level rise threatens to wipe out swaths of the Bay’s densely populated coastlines, and a new study out today in Science Advances..

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