Resilient Action Items, Resilience Roundup: May 24, 2019

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May 24, 2019

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Community Resilience   Resilient Action Item

Island resettlement intake process gets underway.

Houma Today. The state office charged with the resettlement of Isle de Jean Charles residents has begun the intake process for the new community…. the office has been sending case managers and legal representatives to talk with the island’s residents for a few weeks.

Business Resilience   Resilient Action Item

FEMA Seeks Feedback on the National Response Framework and ESF #14.

The new ESF #14 supports the coordination of cross-sector operations, including stabilization of key supply chains and community lifelines, among infrastructure owners and operators, businesses, and their government partners.

Disaster Recovery Resilient Action Item

5G Networks could throw weather forecasting into Chaos. if you had a choice between a better, faster cell phone signal and an accurate weather forecast, which would you pick? That’s the question facing federal officials as they decide whether to auction off more of the wireless spectrum or heed meteorologists who say that such a move …

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