Resilient Action Items, Resilience Roundup: May 3, 2019

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TRI’s Resilience Action Items for

May 3, 2019

Community resilient
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Community Resilience   Resilient Action Item

Resettling the First American ‘Climate Refugees’

NY Times. A $48 million grant for Isle de Jean Charles, La., is the first allocation of federal tax dollars to move an entire community struggling with the effects of climate change.

Business Resilience   Resilient Action Item

Why Workforce Management Should Be an Integral Part of Your Business Transformation.

Governingcom. Labor is the most expensive line item, but also the most stable and easily managed when you have the right tools and strategy in place.

Disaster Recovery Resilient Action Item

New Normal,’ Means Revisiting Policy, Building Codes

GovTech. Governments should have seen it coming, two or three decades ago when we first became aware that climate change had begun, with warmer air and water temperatures and changing weather patterns.

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