Cloud-based Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity / COOP Solutions

Organizational Resilience Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity / COOP Solutions
Does your Organization have a plan to recover from a disaster?
TRI is dedicated to providing our customers the very best in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity / COOP solutions.
To this end, TRI is providing an easy to use, customizable Disaster Recovery Plan template. Join over 30,000 organizations that utilize our solutions. 

Simplified Template

The TRI plan is divided into many sections that cover the gamut of most of your organization’s operations. Input your data and modify the sections to meet your needs so that your organization can recover quickly from a disaster.

Customizable Template

The plan is customizable to fit each need and has samples for each section. Modify and tweak it till it works for your organization. Even if you do not have in-house experts, do not worry, the BCP/DR template takes you through in a logical sequence. Feel free to change the sequence if your organization situation warrants it.

Business Functions Covered

The TRI plan has sections that cover most aspects of organizations and they are easy to add and modify to fit your organization’s needs. Here are some sample procedures outlined in the template: Personnel, Inventory, Information System Backup Procedures, Disaster Recovery procedures, Testing Disaster Recovery plan, Infectious and Communicable Diseases plan and Disaster Recovery Plan for data breach.

Data Breach Plans

Every organization needs a plan for breaches in security that result in compromised data, even large organizations are not immune. If you do not have the resources of a large organization, then what should you do? Do you have a plan? If not, you are vulnerable. A plan will force you to review what is in place and actions that must be taken in case of a breach. A Recovery plan is essential.

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