WE CARE! Team: Answer these 5 Questions to Build Better Relationships

Bonnie CanalWE CARE! Team

Building a life of caring doesn’t have to involve volunteering your time, attending meetings, or adding more things to your ever-growing to-do list. You build a life of caring out of the life you’re already living, the routine you already know, and the things that already make you happy. Let’s learn how to leverage your life to care for the people in it.

  1. How do you show others you care in your everyday life?
  2. What is your weekday routine?
  3. What is your weekend routine?
  4. Where are the people in your routines?
  5. How can you use your primary love language to show the people in your routines that you care?

Building stronger relationship with those we come in contact is the first step in community resilience. Today choose one way to step outside of yourself and show you care. By join the WE CARE! Team we can build a community that we all want to live within.

So Mission for today: look someone in the eyes and thank them!   

We are in the process of building an organization that focuses on a “relational connection” methodology and agile organization structure to start, grow, sustain and replicate a system of positive relationships in communities.

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