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We Care Team: The Neighboring Movement

Like all movements, The Neighboring Movement starts at home; with you. Are you a good neighbor? Or are you the one that people never get to know?

In order to become more resilient every one of us needs to take ACTIVE steps towards resilience. I am often asked; how can I do that? What steps can I take? Over the next series of blogs, we will talk about things that you can do today. They are simple steps, but they are steps that take commitment.

So, let’s get started with The Neighboring Movement…

First, the question must be asked: Who is my neighbor? Often, the answer is everyone. But if you aim for everyone; you affect no one. So, let’s define who is your neighbor. In the diagram below we define your neighbors as those in the immediate area of your home.

Let’s Play a game:

Let’s establish how good of a neighbor you are by answering a few questions about each neighbor.

  1. Do you know the names of each of your neighbors? First name only?
  2. Do you know some relevant information about each neighbor? Not observations? (Where they work? Where did they grow up? Do they have a hobby?)
  3. Do you know more in-depth information? (Career plans? What motivates them? Something meaningful that they have shared.)

How did you measure up?

  • About 10% of people can fill out every name in question #1
  • About 3% can fill out every square in question #2
  • Less than 1% can fill out every square in question #3.

Take a step back and see what that means. How can we be good neighbors if we don’t know our neighbors? How can we truly help each other if we don’t know what they need? In case of an emergency, who can you contact?

Action Item: This week, take this chart and go to each of your neighbors and being your conversations.

Check in with me to share YOUR story about how YOU CARE!

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