Plan B, Are You Really Ready?

Understanding Your Risk Exposure

Resilience is one of the most important aspects of any business, and should be the top consideration of the any organization. Consisting of speed and direction, resilience requires clear vision, great people, and effective systems. Bonnie outlines the key challenges and risks organizations face in this fast-paced economy.

 “Plan B, Are You Really Ready? is designed to help your leadership improve their resilience – and your training “return on investment” immediately. Bonnie understands that Creating a successful, profitable, and resilient business effort is about much more than data and technology. It’s about understanding what a client wants to achieve, creating the data, technology, and resilience road-map, achieving leadership buy-in, and building it into a client’s culture.

By offering, tangible, real world solutions to your everyday risk challenges, she helps you to develop your long-term “Habit of Resilience” to boost your whole team’s capabilities to identify risks which will generate revenues, profitability, and growth.

What results can we expect?

  • Identify the top 3 risks for your organization.
  • Enhance your planning to reduce these risks.
  • Benefit from efficient and company-wide communications on a resilient corporate culture.

Unlike traditional training programs or large expensive consultancies, Bonnie Canal offers personalized, hands-on guidance for building “all-the-time everywhere” resilience teams through keynote speaking, interactive strategic work sessions, online training, and personal consulting. The “Plan B, Are You Really Ready? approach reaches from the C-suite to your professionals to your staff to create a 360-degree sense of passion and urgency around resilience.

“Plan B, Are You Really Ready?” encompasses specific risk factors and planning that, when integrated into the fabric of an organization, revolutionize your ability to reduce your risk, all in service of maximizing your revenue.

We ALWAYS tailor the contents, discussions, tools and exercises to focus on your more important challenges and priorities. No theory, just the real stuff with plenty of practical breakthroughs.

How do we get “Plan B, Are You Really Ready?” started?
Through a comprehensive set of services, Bonnie Canal can help your organization manage, leverage, and profit from new behaviors throughout your organization increasing results and revenue.

Delivery options include:

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Strategic Work Sessions with your leaders and employees
  • Workshops
  • Group Mentoring and Coaching
  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Hands on team enhancement

Contact Bonnie to have her challenge your executive team, board, or conference attendees