What Our Clients and Partners Say

It has been my pleasure to work with Bonnie Canal for over six years in a variety of projects. Bonnie is quite simply the top resiliency teacher on the planet. She is a gifted presenter, both informative and very entertaining. She makes what to some is an abstract concept come alive and become real with practical examples and useful advice. Invite her to present at your next meeting or conference, or better yet, let her propose an interactive learning session for your company or organization. You will be very glad that you did.
~ David A. Dodd, CEcD/FM, President DADCO Consulting and CEO International Public Private Partnerships In Resilience Center


She’s a passionate and resilient individual that is willing to throw herself under the bus for the greater good of the organization. Her personality is dynamic and she truly wants to get to the root cause, good or bad, and move forward. She’s also been a true advocate for millennials and younger generations to have a voice in the industry and being more involved.
~Chad Robbins, VP, Enterprise Risk & Resilience Solutions at Continuity Logic

I have worked with Bonnie Canal many times as her Coastal Community Resilience co-instructor. Bonnie is one of the most motivational, intelligent, up-to-date, entertaining, and passionate instructors I’ve had the pleasure to encounter in my 25+ years of training. At the end of each training course, we ask the students for a review of our course and delivery. Inevitably people use words like “awesome,” “hysterical,” “thought-provoking” and “wow” to describe Bonnie. She synthesizes data in a snap and brings the topic into the room in such a way that everyone can understand, regardless of how they learn. In the world of resiliency professionals, Bonnie is one of the few who really “get it” and personify the core message – or, more succinctly, she lives it, and it shows. When Bonnie spoke to our area disaster recovery symposium – after losing her luggage and speaking notes on the flight over – she improvised a speech that was on-target, on-time, and left some of our most esteemed community leaders speechless (a few even in tears). After this event, our Chamber of Commerce started picking up on the message of resiliency, and it infiltrates their messaging to this day. I can’t say enough good things about Bonnie Canal. She’s loquacious, stupendous, and one of my most valuable contacts. I’m so very lucky to know her.
~ Allison Hardin, Land Use Planner and Coastal Hazards Education Specialist/SME, City of Myrtle Beach



Bonnie Canal has been on the forefront of the resiliency industry since it was just a buzz word. Her work in this industry has helped establish standards, educated industry, informed government and supported individual citizens. She is an excellent speaker and trainer. She is able to work in a strategic planning arena or in the trenches implementing the planning.
~ Belinda Little-Wood, CEO, 10th Capital Small Business Advisers

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