The Resiliency Institute (TRI) is a full-service consulting firm that specializes in resilience. TRI specializes in comprehensive solutions for leadership, management, and information systems that helps leaders of SMB's and mid-market businesses improve executive performance, and create profitable growth through the analysis of risk exposure.

Business Resilience

Leaders of organizations need to recognize that risk is their business. TRI can help organizations how to see risk more clearly and do something about it!  Our philosophy is built on: See something, Say Something, Do Something, This process builds and reinforces a CULTURE OF RESILIENCE. 

Game Changers

For business resilience to improve the performance of your firm, leadership, employees, and systems must be aligned in the effort. A company has to be well-prepared and properly equipped for business resilience to be successful. The Resiliency Institute provides this preparation and equipping through three phases.

Bonnie's Speaking and Strategic Work Sessions

Your organization may be changing… downsizing or even growing at leaps and bounds those changes are stressful. Even if you think you know the answers the questions are always different. Leaders are looked to for the correct path forward within an environment that changes rapidly. 

WE CARE! Team    

WE CARE! Team is committed to grow individual and collective wholeness through positive relationships connected across the many disconnect boundaries polarizing diversity. A community-wide caring network forms, functioning as relational foundation. Read More

What we are reading

The best books for understanding resilience and growing your business.

Our favorite books on resilience, community, and leadership.

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