Content Management Platform for Emergency Plans

Conferences are a competitive business! Every day, there are new expectation for managing these events.  Exceed them.

Dramatically improve communication to staff and first responders with Playbook in their pocket.  This  content management platform allows venue owners, event managers, meeting planners and consultants to be more effective, efficient, and scalable.

Quick Setup for Venues and Events

Drag & drop assembly of new emergency and event plans in minutes. Pre-formatted templates and best practices to get you started. Mobile-friendly ICS forms pre-built & ready to share with law enforcement & first responders

Simple Powerful Tools

Changes to the plan? Edit your content on the web and updates (with notifications) are sent to users in seconds. One-click re-creation of prior year plans & participants.

Easy for You, Easy for Them

Intuitive "Table of Contents" navigation for your mobile users reduces training time & questions. Easy contacts import from Excel. Invite your volunteers, staff, event & emergency personnel with a single click.

Everything in One Place

Event Action Plan (EAP), Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), Maps & Contacts available at your fingertips. Launch videos, emails and link other content directly from the mobile app. Intuitive display of all your venues & events and who has the app.

100% Configurable Content

Simply type or copy in your text, add pictures & tables and Playbook will optimize it for your tablets & mobile phone users. Link to Formstack to capture custom feedback of any kind from your mobile users. Link to Sign Up Genius for users to manage their own schedules. Add a Playbook link to your volunteer registration confirmation.

Critical Communication

Customized incident reports, after-action & hotwash information sent from Playbook, directly to an inbox of your choice. Distribute the important maps, credentials and other images of your events & venues. Share BOLO's or other "persons of interest" with your EP team and other key stakeholders.

Controlled Distribution

Invitations to your Playbook are controlled by you or your administrator. Mobile user access can be revoked at anytime. Event information disappears from mobile users three days after the conclusion of an event/activity. Export cleanly-formatted plans to PDF with a single click.

Instant Access

Search by name or role and find phone numbers, radio & location information in seconds. Users can view content from anywhere, on their mobile phones or tablets, with or without connectivity. In Playbook, numbers become hotlinks, so no more typing numbers into your phone. Simply call or text with a single click.

FREE Trial

Your FREE TRIAL includes: • One Event • One Venue • Three Mobile Users Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo!

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