Enterprise Incident Management System

Our Resolution Performance System  is powered by incident management technology which allows organizations "how to see risk more clearly and do something about it!" See something, Say Something and Do Something - Reinforce and build a culture of resilience,  transparency and trust. Our system is designed to save you time and money on workplace incidents and insurance.

Our incident management technology and engages all the relevant parties in the information supply chain in and outside of the organization to Report, Document, Actively Manage/Triage and Analyze Data  in real time.  We simplify a series of complex risk management issues, incidents and claims throughout the resolution process.

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Mobilization of  people and resources
  • Centralization and synchronized Information Supply Chain before, during and after the resolution process
  • Organize all the data feeds for administrative and statutory compliance requirements as well as historical and current loss run information for all lines of coverage.
  • Analyze the Key Performance Indicator's specific to YOUR organizations wants and needs. The ability to customize Key Performance Indicator's and tag issues, incidents and claims will provide insight for what is required for improving performance outcomes and continual improvement

Our Promise Statement:

  • Organizations will be able to manage the clock and manage who is on the clock throughout the resolution process through Smart Tasks, Actionable Tactics- STAT 
  • Organizations will be able to identify, analyze and diagnose where there are inefficiencies in the workflow process and solve for what is most efficient in reducing the life cycle and escalation level of an issue, incident or claim.
  • Organizations will be able to leverage the results of actuarial science by employing behavioral science that uses computer science as a competitive advantage.

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